My Talk with a Kansas Plumber: Consequences of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

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Most people commonly use liquid chemical cleaners to clean up a clogged drain. But more often than not, this causes more problems than solutions.  I am SO GUILTY of doing this, and it’s a good thing I found out before it was too late!

One morning, I called my local Kansas City MO plumber because of a clogged drain.  I was thinking of pouring in those nasty cleaners when I realized that this wouldn’t work.  I called in the technician from Plumbers 911 Missouri and he came over – his name was Dan. He was very friendly and explained to me everything I needed to know.

I then called their office to let their supervisor know that I was really satisfied with the job. I then had a talk with Matt Harris, the director of Plumber 911 Missouri.  He was very friendly and explained to me about the cause of my problem and says using chemical drain cleaners is a common misconception.

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He said that these are highly corrosive products.  He explains that if the liquid cleaner goes through a branch line, it actually does not clear the clog. Instead, the liquid settles in the line and corrodes the pipes.

Harris describes a branch line as smaller lines than that of the main trump lines.  It is the line that leads to sinks, water closets, showers, bath tubs, or kitchens.

If these are clogged, usually with improper garbage disposal, having large food scraps go down the drain line, the branch line gets a tear, creating a weak spot in the piping, eventually causing break through the pipe.

And the next thing you know, plumbers are digging up the yard and fixing the mainline.

So how do you solve a now corroded pipeline?

Harris suggests calling a licensed and insured plumber. Technicians in Plumber 911 are trained in proper drainage cleaning procedures. That’s what I did – YAY!


 Don’t let chemical cleaners drain your money away just to get solutions.  Call a trained contractor instead.

PS – Big thanks to the Plumbers 911 Missouri team! You guys rock!

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