5 Facts about Robert Lowder

First, I am a Certified Public Accountant by profession. Been in the industry since I graduated college.

Second, I love cooking. I prefer to make Italian dishes at home. My kids despise this as they prefer the American kind of food. Burgers, fries and everything nice is simply not my thing. I want tomatoes, cheeses, wine and all.

Third, give me wood and I’ll build you something. I’m the DIY type of person who is able to make something out of anything! I have magic hands they would always say. This blog was developed because of my knack for making things.

Fourth, I love the beach! My kids and I are planning to relocate somewhere in Asia where there’s sun all year long. Philippines? Thailand? Any suggestions?

Fifth, I prefer recycling and upcycling OVER buying new things. It’s not being a cheapskate, it’s practical. Mall visits is quite rare in our family as we prefer to rummage through various fair trades or garage sales. We spend more or less $20 for a ton of useful things!

So much about me! How about you? Comment below!